Hello And Welcome!

I'm so grateful you've taken a few moments to visit! 

To start off with a few things about me - Below is my yearly Christmas image with my Golden Retriever girl, Kayle - my sweet mama photographed for us!  

- Dogs and pretty much all animals, in general, have my heart. Although I do admire all the 4 seasons - along with my birthday being in November, my favorite seasons are spring and summer. There's something about that fresh spring air, hearing the birds start their daily summer singing, and being able to be outside without the sting of cold air. 

- Traveling and seeing this beautiful earth we live on is an must for me. Being able to meet others and even see and experience other cultures is refreshing and reviving.

 So, to answer any questions if I'll come to you for a Photo Session or Wedding. YES and YES.

Take a look around! I'd also love to hear from you about anything. 

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