China 2016

Being able to visit China was --- WOW. And what a blessing it was!

My dad has been out there a handful of times for conferences and teachings for his specialty of Laparoscopic surgery. And at last, it worked out that I was able to join him! An awesome group of other doctors from around the United States and world had met us there and joined in on the adventures.

To give a brief (as short as possible) timeline overview -- here's how it went...

Leaving from Detroit, my dad and I arrived in Beijing (on the flight over I was thrilled to get a glimpse into the North Pole.) Our first day in Beijing - we took an easy day sight seeing The Forbidden City, getting a delicious Peaking Duck meal, then proceeding to see part of The Great Wall.. Although, that particular day was rainy and foggy, you'll see in later photos we went back a second day to perfectly clear skies and the sun shining just right. I was happy to be able to get my steps in as I was in Beijing. Between a separate tour my dad and I were able to go on, a tour for just the doctor's wives/relatives/children to get from medical students in Beijing (as the doctors were in a conference,) and a group tour for all of us on the trip. Before our flight to Zhangjiajie we were able to take a quick walk through the Ming Tombs stone sculptures, which was beautiful.

Zhangjiajie China's Forest National Park, Tianmen Mountain, was beyond awesome. I've only seen a small portion of Avatar, the movie, but from what I learned from being there - Avatar's scenic clips was filmed at the Forest Park. Of course, these few snap shots I have of the park don't do justice. (Side note :: I admired and watched the wedding photographers that were spotted at the park.. I especially loved seeing a bride get right into the stream in her high heels and wedding dress! Any future brides out there that are up for getting into a stream also? Definitely contact me! I'd love to work with you!!) Unfortunately, with it being so foggy in the mountains the day we went, we weren't really able to have the total experience walking on the cliff glass bridge.. but it still was nerve wracking yet exhilarating! After our adventures on cable cars, through the mountains, and walking on glass bridges, we topped it off with a 30..yes, thirty minute ride on an escalator! That was an odd experience for sure! With all the miles we walked through the park, I think it's safe to say we enjoyed getting a Chinese foot massage and taking an easy stroll through downtown!

From Zhangjiajie we took another flight down to Shenzhen.. We weren't in Shenzhen all that long but we were able to get a peek of their city. Visiting their hospitals, experience their malls, and just taking a stress-free walk through the city. For the last stop of our trip was a short drive over the border to Hong Kong! There we went up a trolly to see the outlook of the city (with a stranger randomly coming into my photo with me :: I loved it,) and to a wax museum.. yes, I just had to get a photo with Picasso! Later on we enjoyed a ferry ride.

I'm sure I could keep going on and on with many more details about my two and a half week trip - but I feel these photos below will give you a good jist of what I was able to experience and see! 

Enjoy these photos as I take you with me to the highlights of my journey through China!