What a day it was with A.C. It always makes me thrilled when the people I'm photographing get excited about their photoshoot - and A.C. was excited (he may not have said that exactly, but I could tell..haha) From getting pictures with his bike, truck, and neighbors John Deere.. It was overall a great session. And I just have to add, can we tell how beautiful it was that day?



Sarah was just awesome! Such a trooper too through the intense humidity that day!
We were so sure we may had to reschedule our photo session -- it was raining pools and buckets pretty much all day! But since the weather had predicted it would clear up around the time of our session, we thought "lets go with it!" Hardly 10 minutes after arriving at our meeting place (Howland Preserve), the rain cleared up for the exact time of our session. It was perfect!

What a model she is as well!


Michael & Chelsea

What a sweet couple they are!

I especially loved how unique they wanted to make their engagement session. Going around East Stroudsburg University - the place where they first met! It was a hot and muggy day, but you wouldn't even know with how happy they were towards each other, and how much fun they were having together.

I've known Chelsea since the good ole' middle school band days, we both played flute, she was always so good at it! So, when she asked if I could photograph their wedding - that made it even more exciting for me!

Enjoy this peak into their Engagement Session!


I come across some of the sweetest people in my career of photography - it makes me really thankful for the field of work I knew I just had to keep pursuing.

Kayla, on the other hand, has to be one of the most kindhearted and caring young lady I know! She is also someone I used to babysit (and on the occasion would take from her parents to photograph during my photography schooling!) 

Going from babysitting to having this time photographing her high school senior portraits was just awesome. She is such a blessing.

Props to Howland Preserve for allowing us to use such a gorgeous spot!


Alyssa and her husband Zack have been excellent and loyal clients of mine. From them being one of my very first Weddings that I photographed, to photographing their first little man, Jason, and now their second little one, Bo -- every time is a joy!

It really is a blessing being able to photograph children of all types, and in this case, of Jason and Bo, and having the opportunity to pretty much photograph them "growing up." I just love it!

Props to Hillside Farms for being amazing as always! We especially enjoyed a nice cup of ice cream after our photo session ;)


What a natural model this young lady is! And the location we photographed her High School senior portraits is... Gorgeous, is an understatement!

She took me all over her property, and even to a hidden rock cut I had zero idea about in Meshoppen. With her dad being our personal chauffeur and salamander catcher, it made this photo session go even more smoothly, and interesting! Their sweet Barney was so adorable following us around and I'm so glad I was able to snap an image of him to have in our memories.

Enjoy taking a peak into my time with Rachel!

Ryan & Beth

I've known Beth for a good handful of years - thanks to the good ole' Wal-Mart working days! She was working there longer then me - so whenever I had questions or was confused about anything, she was there and willing to help me without a beat. I remember thinking "wow! it really is nice to be around genuine people in the work place!" Genuine and Sweet she was and still is!

When I had seen the news she was getting married, I couldn't have been more happy for her! Then when I got the call to ask to photograph her and Ryan's special day, of course, I was even more thrilled!

Enjoy this peak into their beautiful day!

p.s. A pinch of these images are credited to sweet Janelle 

p.p.s. Thanks to Grace Fellowship Church and Lazy Brook Park for being awesome!


Knowing Lauren since before I was hardly a teen - to me, made being able to photograph her first born baby, Essie, even more special.

The day Lauren asked me to photograph her and Josh's Engagement images then Wedding Day definitely put a smile on my face. Their engagements took place at both Longwood Gardens (where Josh proposed) and also their backyard on a fresh snowy day. Their Wedding Day was also tastefully put together at some of the most beautiful spots around here.

And now, to their first born daughter, Essie. She is absolutely beautiful. Her first photoshoot went  smoothly and she was so mellow and calm I couldn't stop photographing her! She is so loved already.



When I'm asked to retake someones photos - a spur of excitement leaps through me -- and this is precisely my reaction when I had heard from Sarah for the second time.
Working with Sarah was such a breeze the first time and even more a breeze the time again - she is such a sweet girl! And of course, since animals are my absolute love, having her doggy with her made the photoshoot even better.
I don't know much about quads, but I do realize a beautiful one when I see it (if that's even okay to say..haha)

So, I'll be quiet now and let you enjoy the images!!


Fred & Carly

Kenya, It holds a special place in my heart. It was the first (and so far only) African country I've visited and had the opportunity to experience. The culture there is just so fascinating!

When I first found out Carly was going there for missions, I couldn't have been more excited for her! There she met Fred - and of course, the rest is history!

During their engagement session, I was just starting to get over tonsillitis - I hardly could talk - It was definitely getting to me! Thankfully, I had the awesome wedding assistant, Janelle, with me to be my voice to my charades... It was most certainly an experience -- But I definitely couldn't be more thankful to Fred and Carly for being patient and understanding with me during my recovery! 

They are truly a sweet blessing!!

I hope you enjoy these images!!


Hello And Welcome!

I'm so grateful you've taken a few moments to visit! 

To start off with a few things about me - Below is my yearly Christmas image with my Golden Retriever girl, Kayle - my sweet mama photographed for us!  

- Dogs and pretty much all animals, in general, have my heart. Although I do admire all the 4 seasons - along with my birthday being in November, my favorite seasons are spring and summer. There's something about that fresh spring air, hearing the birds start their daily summer singing, and being able to be outside without the sting of cold air. 

- Traveling and seeing this beautiful earth we live on is an must for me. Being able to meet others and even see and experience other cultures is refreshing and reviving.

 So, to answer any questions if I'll come to you for a Photo Session or Wedding. YES and YES.

Take a look around! I'd also love to hear from you about anything.