About Me


In my early teens, photography was more of a hobby until my mom purchased me my first point and shoot camera then, in my late teens, encouraged me to start taking a few photography courses at a local college. Once I realized how much love I developed for photography, my teacher encouraged me to continue in the field and start my own business.

When I was little I couldn’t pronounce my name. Every time I tried (Well, at least that’s what my parents tell me) Elizabeth came out sounding like Lilly. And Lilly stuck. My full name is Elizabeth Redan. But, almost everyone knows me as Lilly. I am a college graduate with a specialization in Photography located in Northeast, Pennsylvania. More specifically in the quaint little town of Tunkhannock, tucked away in the gentle mountains along the Susquehanna River. While I love photographing all subjects – show me a puppy, flower, or a beautiful sunset and I’ll have my camera out in a flash – but my specialty is Weddings and Portraits. I strive to capture the essence of a person in a portrait. I consider it a privilege to preserve special moments in someone’s lifetime. I prefer to use natural sunlight and so the outdoors is my favorite “studio.” My goal is usually to find a beautiful, scenic outside place that will make everyone comfortable, therefore happy, and satisfied with their photographs.

Traveling is another thing I absolutely love. With multiple Domestic and International travels under my belt, I’m always looking for more reasons to travel. Whether it’s a distance or right around the corner, I would gladly come to you to meet your photographic needs. I like to say there is a reason God gave us two ears and only one mouth. We’re supposed to listen more than we talk and I promise I will listen to all of your ideas and dreams and then do my best to use my skills to make them a reality.